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About Plated Imagery

Founded in 2012,  We provide ongoing visual support, bringing to life your brand’s passion/philosophy for food and wellness.  Stills, motion, or text… not matter what communication format,  our philosophy of content with purpose runs through our entire creative collaboration with you.

From concept to execution our mission is to:

 Capture - bring forward the bright and subtle facets of your brand’s story

Connect- expand your audience  with media that helps them know, like, and trust your brand

 Grow-  persistent quality of media for social media or press



The most inspiring...

and integral piece of being a photographer in today’s society, is being a part of the craftsmanship, art and hands that assist us in local food movements and new landscape of cultivating wellness. The subjects I capture are only a piece and moment in time to reveal to you the essence and nature of that brand, business, restaurant or place. In a world filled with imagery and iphone pictures, I hope to translate to you a bright, inspiring and captivating culture, one frame at a time." -CRC

About our Founder: 

Chris Rov Costa-  born and raised in San Diego, CA

After graduating from UCSD with a BS in Art History, I joined the Edible San Diego team to merge my passion for the visual and culinary arts together. Seven years of directing Edible's visual editorial style has lead me to my next visual adventure.  Plated exists to bring to light the many facets of individuals and  brands who spend their time cultivating wellness and essentially doing Good.